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2018  Tutor Biographies

Kitty Mason


Kitty is from Edinburgh.  She teaches lace around Scotland and the north of England. She also teaches a week’s summer class at Les Carroz in the Alps.   Having taken a group to Brugge once a year Kitty teaches continental laces as well as British laces.   Kitty has been joint organiser of the Edinburgh Lace Course since it started in 1981.



Carole Smith

CarolCarole has been making lace since the age of ten and over the years has made a variety of bobbin laces. She has been taught by Kitty Mason and a number of tutors when they visited Aberdeen including Pamela Nottingham and Veronica Sorensen. For the last 12 years Carole has been part of Kitty’s trip to Brugge to be taught by both Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet and Magda Mallise focussing on making and designing Flemish Laces.

In recent years, Carole has taught in Aberdeen, Inverness and Nairn.


Claire Bonito (Allen)

Image 6Claire has been a lacemaker now for 22 years and teaches a regular class for Kent Adult Education as well as other classes and workshops, predominantly in the south east of England. She learnt to make lace under Pat Read MBE and then from Jacquie Tinch after Pat retired. Claire specialises in Milanese lace, but also teaches Bedfordshire, Bucks Point, Honiton, Idrija and Hinojosa lace. Claire is also an accomplished lace designer.
In 2013 Claire was awarded both the Individuals Trophy, and the Visitors Choice trophy in the Lace Guild’s Triennial Exhibition for her Art Deco Lady design in Milanese lace. She also won a medal of excellence for her Waterlily mat in the 2010 exhibition. See More
In 2015 Claire taught a mixed lace class for the Lace Guild at their Summer School and comes highly recommended by them.

We had hoped that Janice Murphy would be our 4th tutor this year but, unfortunately for health reasons, she has had to pull out. However she did recommend another lace teacher to us and we are very pleased that Sue Scholes will be able to join us.

Sue Scholes

Sue ProfileSue took up Lacemaking 36 years ago and started teaching for Wakefield Adult Education Authority in 1993.  She has attended courses with Bridgett Cook and since 1988 has been a regular student in Brugge being taught by Ann-Marie Verbeke-Billiet and Marie-Anne Claeys-Blaekeland and for the past 20 years has organised the accommodation and Tutors for this course.  She also attends the Continental lace Course at Wyedale with the same tutors and co-tutors a yearly weekend at Cober Hill.  Now retired from WEA she teaches in Wakefield and also at the Bridge Group of Lacemakers.  She enjoys all English and Continental laces.


Frances Bell (due to a clash with a family event, Frances will not be a tutor with us in 2018)

Frances BellFrances is a farmers wife from East Yorkshire and has been making lace since 1967 and teaching since 1984. She presently teaches 7 classes a week around her area and is also a tutor for the York Summer School and a yearly Course in Dingwall. Frances has attended the annual Continental Lace Course in York for many years. ( Tutored by Anne Marie and Marie Anne from Brugge ). She enjoys all English laces as well as Continental.

Frances is the Chairperson for the East Yorkshire Lace Society.