Course Information

Full course details, including information about refreshments and fees

The Course

The First Edinburgh Lace Course was held in 1981
and has been running annually since then.

Information about the next Edinburgh Lace Course is usually
available from February.

If you would like to go on our email list for information contact us.


The details beow are from the 2022 course. We expect this information to be similar in 2023. We will update these details in full in February, once all details have been confirmed.

This year’s Edinburgh Lace Course will be held at Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus, Currie, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The work rooms will be the same as last year – the Carnegie and Wardlaw Rooms in The James Watt Centre.

This is a Residential/Non-Residential Bobbin Lace Course for complete beginners, advanced Lace Makers or any stage in between. It will consist of morning and afternoon tutored sessions. Monday 2-5pm, Tuesday – Thursday 9am-5pm with an hour for lunch and Friday 9am-4pm. The workrooms will be open in the evenings for those who would like to work untutored. Claire Bonito, Frances Bell, Kitty Mason and Carole Smith are booked to come as tutors.

Meals & Snacks

Meal and Snack options during the week:

  • Breakfast is included with residential accommodation.
  • Coffee, lunch and tea: there are several places to eat on campus during the day.
  • Evening meals at the University will require to be pre-booked. These will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The cost and the menu will be circulated before the course for orders to be placed.
  • Evening meals should also be available at the Marriott Hotel.

NB: Part of our contract with the Conference Centre says: ‘Except in exceptional circumstances, and only with prior written approval of the General Manager, visitors and delegates are not permitted to consume food, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages on the Conference Centre premises that have not been supplied by the Conference Centre.
We have managed to negotiate the following:
The centre agrees that guests are permitted to consume food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased from all on-site retail outlets.

We are planning to hold a Course Dinner on the Wednesday Evening.


Accommodation is likely to be in the Anna McLeod Hall of Residence, the same as previous years. The bedrooms are single, en-suite, rooms with internet access and tea/coffee making facilities. They do not have a TV, hairdryer or radio/alarm clock. This accommodation is a 10/15 min walk from the James Watt Centre. It has 2 disabled parking spaces at the front door and it’s own car park a little walk away.

Alternative Accommodation Option on campus:

The Marriott Hotel (CY)
Courtyard Edinburgh West
2 Research Avenue South
Edinburgh, EH14 4BA


Phone: 0131 526 3210

If you would like to choose this option you will need to book the Hotel yourself and pay the Non-Residential Fee for the Lace Course. We have negotiated a discount with the hotel for bookings made for the course. Please contact us if you would like details.


Sales Day

On the Wednesday we will have a Sales Day with lace equipment suppliers. Your friends are welcome to come between 11-3pm on that day to shop and/or to look at what people are making.


Equipment required – see list

Map & Travel Directions

For a map of the HW Campus and travel directions to the University – see contact page


Fees will be announced shortly.