Useful links to Bobbin and Needle Lace web sites
We are gradually adding links and would be happy to receive requests for inclusion in this section from Bobbin or Needle Lace web sites.

Lace Sites

The Lace Guild

The Lace Guild provides information about the craft of lacemaking, it’s history and use. It encourages the design and development of lacemaking.

Claire Bonito

Claire Bonito, one of our regular tutors has a Youtube channel featuring useful lacemaking video tutorials.

The Westhope Group

The Westhope Group is a collaborative group who take forward traditional lacemaking techniques into modern textile art.

Lace Groups

The Edinburgh Lace Club

The Edinburgh Lace Club meets monthly. The website also contains links to other groups across Scotland.

The East Yorkshire Lace Society

The East Yorkshire Lace Society is the local lace group of out regular tutor, Frances Bell.

Lace Suppliers


General lacemaking supplies, books and Claire Bonito’s patterns.

Harlequin Lace Supplies

Harlequin Lace design, manufacture and sell Bobbin Lace Making Pillows, Patterns and more.

Lace Bobbins

General lacemaking supplies and bobbins painted by Alison Tolson.

Mainly Lace

General lacemaking supplies.

Bobbin Makers

The Bobbin Shop

Chris Parsons, from The Bobbin Shop, made our commemorative bobbin in 2023.

Painted Lace Bobbins

Sarah Jones, from Painted Lace Bobbins, made our commemorative bobbins in both 2021 and 2022.