There were many new faces at the course this year and the lacemakers who had been before welcomed them into the ‘course family’. Friendships were formed and old acquaintances rekindled as we spent a week together doing something we all enjoyed.

The 62 lacemakers attending the course were making a wide variety of types of lace from complete beginners to more experienced lacemakers. The techniques included Torchon (see image below) and Milanese, Binche, Flanders, and Brugge, Bucks, Idrija, Duchesse and Florentine lace. We had some designers too – both on paper and on the lace pillow. I look forward to seeing Joan’s completed Cosmos flower (see image below).

Cosmos Flower

We were able to display the finished pieces of lace which had been started at last year’s course. Thank you to everyone who brought them back.

A huge ‘thank you’ also goes to everyone who submitted an entry into the Heatwave challenge. The creativity and imagination behind each entry was great to see.

This was the first time that Harlequin Lace Supplies had been to the course and from the number of lacemakers going home with extra luggage, they had a successful trip!

Click the images below to enlarge.

Edinburgh Lace Course, 2023
Early Bookmark
Edinburgh Lace Course, 2023
Early Strip
Edinburgh Lace Course, 2023
Edinburgh Lace Course, 2023
Milanese Strip