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In this time of ‘lockdown’ you may be looking for a new lace challenge. Some people have already seen Carole Smith’s striking ‘Rainbow’ bobbin lace lampshade. It was worked in Fils a Dentelles from her own design. Below is a copy of the pricking and a working diagram of the start. Others working from her ‘rainbow’ pricking have come up with very different results, see pictures below.

Sue scanned her rainbow with different coloured backgrounds. See how much the appearance of the lace can change.

2019 Lace Course Pictures

  • Filming the Lacemakers

2018 Course Photos

2016 Course Photos

  • Concentration

2017 Photos

  • Tuition for a Beginner

2014 Edinburgh Lace Course

Fifty seven ladies attended the 34th Edinburgh Lace Course.  They came from as near as Currie and as far away as Australia!  Some had made very little lace before and some were real experts. The ‘Official’ Photo taken by Martin Bone.


The photos below show a range of Bobbin Laces being made.

Begiinner's Bookmark

Beginner’s Bookmark

Work in progress

Work in progress

More bobbins required

More bobbins required

2015 News and Pictures

Sixty one ladies attended the 35th Edinburgh Lace Course from 27th-31st July. They came from as near as Currie and as far away as France.  Some had made very little lace before and some were real experts. Photos below show what some of them were making.


MBE for Lace Course Director

Kitty Mason, The Edinburgh Lace Course Director, was made an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List. She received the MBE for her services to lace-making.  Kitty has been making lace for 40 years and since 1978 has been teaching it too. She has taught hundreds of people over the years and enthused them with her love of the craft.

On the 5th July Kitty was invited to Holyrood Palace to receive her award from the Queen. She is seen here proudly displaying her medal to Mary Lawrie and Sue Clark, two her oldest lace making friends. Kitty’s 3rd guest, her sister, was behind the camera.

Contrasting Lace Styles

These 3 pieces of Bobbin Lace lace were made by Lacemakers who attend The Edinburgh Lace Course – see how different they are

The first is the start of a bookmark ‘snake’ being made by a beginner at her first lace course, the second is a modern piece in colour and the third traditional white lace.

Begiinner's Bookmark

Beginner’s Bookmark

Modern Bobbin Lace

Traditional Bobbin Lace